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As of now, no there are not any fees. I hated not being able to be a part of stuff because I didn’t have the money and I’m not interested in charging someone else. If you want to support monetarily, just purchase some merchandise from the shop. You can get a cool tumbler that says, “Black Girl Screenwriter” while supporting future events and opportunities at the same time!

It does not cost a thing to submit an article. You can submit as many as you like. At this time, articles are voluntary as we are unable to pay you for submissions. However, I am hoping to see that change in the near future so if you don’t want to do it for free, I completely understand. Stay up to date with our social media profiles to see if we’re ever offering paid articles! Additionally, interviews are free as well!

Unlike interviews and spotlights that focus more on the screenwriter, features are focused on the product, service, class, etc. that we feel can be a tremendous help to your screenwriting journey. It’s separate from promo because it gives a deeper dive into the product and the person behind it to help interested screenwriters learn more about what it entails so that they’ll know what they’re getting. We feature products and services from screenwriters we are familiar with based on fostered relationships, knowledge of the industry, access within the industry, or our vetting process.

Read and share articles from people who were kind enough to submit, share our social media posts, buy merchandise in the store, and of course, word of mouth. Talk to us and get to know us, then tell others who we are.

I saw so many organizations and platforms for almost everybody, including BIPOC, WOC, Black, Women, Everyone, and so on. Still, I didn’t come across many that were for Black women specifically. My brand is all about Black girlhood, so I wanted to do that off the page, too, hence BGS. Black women were the first to believe in my dreams, which meant the world to me when there was so much condescension coming from many people I’d encountered. Being a Black woman and providing something for other Black women is a dream, and I’m so excited to see how far it can go because, as I’ve said countless times before, Black girls get stuff done.

With interviews, you get 8 to 10 questions about you and your work in deeper detail. With The Spotlight, we include information about you and your work individually – or in the form of a massive spotlight including multiple Black Girl Screenwriters at once – just enough to leave them wanting to know more and providing a location for them to get it (i.e. your website, contact information, etc.).

Whether you land an interview or The Spotlight, both include a photo, a feature on our Instagram page, and a link to your screenwriting website (personal not business – though a linktree or landing page with all links on it is okay) so that it’ll be easier for interested parties to find more information about you, such as your samples, bio, etc.