About Us

Here at Black Girl Screenwriters, our mission is comprised of a goal and a dream. The goal? To create a place for black girl screenwriters of all ages to come together and build lasting relationships with each other as we provide resources, networking, tips, and many other forms of support. The dream? To seek out and create more television writers’ rooms and other writing opportunities in the Television & Film industry on the East Coast. 

I wanna see what happens if we give our dreams a chance.

What We Do

Why is part of your mission a dream?

Because all great ideas started as dreams until someone made them a reality. Fact: Most writers' rooms for television are held in LA. Even for shows that film in Atlanta, Canada, New York, etc. This is limiting to writers, especially those not in LA who can't relocate before staffing opportunities arise, or who have a hard time breaking in. We believe it's time for the industry to create more opportunities in more places for a broader range of people.

Who are Black Girl Screenwriters?

We are an organization of Black girls of all ages looking to build connections within the industry at all levels of screenwriting. There are many organizations out there, but we wanted to create one with a sole focus on us as Black, women, and screenwriters!

How do we do it?

We use various methods, including social media outreach, online publications, interviews with screenwriters, providing access to resources, keeping everyone in the know on the latest screenwriting news, and so on. Most importantly, we write. We plan on hosting events soon, doing writing challenges, and the list goes on. Our aim is for Black women to be empowered, educated, inspired, and seen while achieving their screenwriting dreams.